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BRIO has design and construction perfect for this brand of wooden toys. BRIO became famous with its famous trains and circuits for wooden trains! Company founded in 1884 in Sweden by Ivar Bengtsson. The company flourished and Ivar the range offered in its catalog was increasing. In 1907 he had 170 articles and Ivar began selling toys, the most popular horse was going.

New times: The company experienced a great boom led subsidiary. Ivar's motto was "first win in, then spend it." His son chose a different strategy. They borrowed money and effectuèrent a trip to Germany to make purchases. BRIO is growing rapidly, as the range of products. In 1909 the catalog had 999 products. In 1912 this figure had risen to 2700. At that time, occupied BRIO 10 employees and generated sales of SEK 155 000.

A diverse range: While toys faisaint part of the BRIO line, the company sold the most diverse products, glass to ceramics to textiles and toothbrushes. In 1920, imports of BRIO Carriages of Germany, but in the postwar period, there is a shortage of carriages and aut in 1935 BRIO began to manufacture them in the same Osby. In 1937, became a public company Brio. It then had 150 employees and generated sales of SEK 4.3 million.

BRIO to modern times: The brothers Viktor, Anton and Emil continued to lead the company. Lennart, the son of Anton, was CEO of BRIO between 1952 and 1970, he raised to the rank of BRIO international society. His wife, Inger, did much to this international expansion, especially in the development of the most popular toys to BRIO. Dag and Bengt Ivarsson, son of Lennart and Inger Ivarsson and grand-son of Ivar, were until the third quarter of 2004, the principal shareholders of BRIO. Since the property was transferred to the company Proventus AB.

Head office

Skeppsbron 1
BOX 305
211 20 MALMÖ, Sweden

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