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Welcome to the world of Egmont Toys "Original toys of a good quality at a reasonable price and distributed through a network of specialised retailers. This is what the philosophy of Egmont Toys is all about".

Original toys: when we develop a new toy or a new collection, our aim is to be different from the mass products that are on the market. Over the years we have developed our own style with a focus on play value, bright colours and original forms. Quality is a constant concern for us. That is why we prefer to stick to the manufacturers who work for us since a long time and who can guarantee the quality we demand. Moreover to be absolutely sure about the quality of our products, all our toys are tested according to the European EN71 norms.

A specialised retailer network: you will not find our products in supermarkets or big retail chains, but rather in the specialised toy or gift shop. We prefer the service and the good counselling of a retailer to explain the values of our products, rather than the mass market of a big chain.

Egmont Toys
Head office

Egmont Toys

Parc Industriel, 18

1440 Wauthier-Braine, Belgium

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