fagus® - more than just toys! Choosing the right brand is important for those who want the best. Real toys, such as those produced by fagus®, invite children to be active, creative, to discover and adapt, and to let their imaginations run away with them. fagus® toys are made of beech wood (the Latin word fagus = beech). At fagus®, they consciously eliminate nails, screws and staples. fagus® toys are interlocked, dowelled and glued together. All fagus® playing functions have of a high educational value. The playing idea behind fagus® has been well thought out, and tested both in theory and practice. Which is why fagus® is not just any old toy, but rather an enduring and high-quality toy for children.

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Fagus Holzspielzeug

Siemensstraße 19

46325 Borken, Allemagne

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