InproSolar was founded in 1981 and since its inception, wants to promote solar energy through toys, corporate gifts and objects used by everyone in the home, garden and office. Active since the early solar technology range has expanded over the years to always meet growing demand. The site was chosen whole wood part of our range in 2008. Aeolian, helicopters, biplanes, carousel and lunar and solar car include wood renouvlable energy.

Technical side: For 20 years, the encapsulation of our solar system uses a flexible spacial approved for polymer applications, which allows Impro Solar to ensure a lifetime of 3 years from its panels. Today, solar energy is part of economic development (sustainable development). Solar erted started and these toys will allow you to familiarize you and to discover that energy to your children. Wood a renouvlable energy to educate your children to the preservation of the environment and the planet.

How does it work? The solar panels collect the radiation of light and convert it directly into electrical energy is the photovoltaic effect. The power allows movement of engines or gears. The light source may come from the sun, either from 60W bulbs or halogen lamps. Neon lights, LED and energy-saving bulbs can not be used.

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