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Italy Quercetti

It all started in the 1950s from a vision, but mostly from the sheer determination of founder, Alessandro Quercetti. Original principles of Quercetti: making toys that speak kid’s language and that, more than anything else, address their natural developmental needs.

Quercetti’s strength is the ample range of toys, a variety of fun playing possibilities that share a common identity based on the awareness that what really matters is them: the kids, their needs and their healthy development and growth. Thus, for Quercetti safety comes first as they manufacture all their toys according to the most closely monitored and updated international regulations. Durability, is a must too: all toys are designed to last as long as possible while never failing to entertain your children.

All Quercetti games are made in Italy.

Head office


Corso Vigevano, 25

10152 Torino - Italy

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