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The mission of EDTOY is not simply to make toys, but to develop innovate toys that can ignite dreams and bring a bright future for children. The engineers of EDTOY meticulously analyse and research current toys that exist in the world in order to enhance and create better, safer and more educational toys. As a result, EDTOY has designed and patented the unique Rotating Magnet Technoloy, and received the KPS and CE mark. EDTOY has now become a credible and distinguished brand. EDTOY products are designed to maximize the hormony between creativity, social skills and problem solving abilities within a child, along with the emotional balance of a child. The benign nature of EDTOY products allow parents and their child to naturally bond and express emotions. We at EDTOY are commited to providing the best educational toys to children and we promise to give only our best. President Jong-Sung Kim

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