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France Wallaby

Stéphane Marguerite created his business: WALLABY, in order to give everybody the opportunity to try a boomerang. In this perspective , he offers a complete collection of sport boomerangs. The promotion of boomerang as a sportive activity is the principal purpose of this small but quality focusing enterprise based in the southwest of France. Stéphane Marguerite is conceiving new boomerangs and has been successfully developing boomerangs since 1993. Is one of the major manufacturers in the boomerang scene. He was actively involved in from the beginning, at the forefront of innovation. Stephane is working on several design each year in order to innovate and improve boomerang throwing as a whole and in doing so, taking the sport into a new step.

Head office

Wallaby Boomerangs

11 rue du Pélican

85300 Sallertaine, France

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