The marble run that makes music !

With Xyloba it‘s now possible to integrate sound modules, like the ones found in a xylophone, into a marble run, allowing you to recreate well-known songs and even compose your own beautiful melodies. Each piece is made of 100% natural beech wood and handmade in Switzerland.

Xyloba combines the world of construction and the world of music. Children plan, construct and in doing so get a feel for music, familiarising themselves with concepts such as notes, time and rhythm. As the marble rolls down the track, it strikes the individually mounted chimes. Ramps of different lengths produce the rhythm. By referring to the composition instructions, even young children can construct fantastic tunes.

Xyloba develops motor function and spatial imagination, and facilitates a creative approach to music. Xyloba‘s high-qualitiy sound modules are tuned precisely and produce a pleasant sound.

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Stiftung Weizenkorn
Oetlingerstrasse 81
CH - 4057 Basel

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