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The Beaver Papo figurines are hand…

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The Beaver

Papo figurines are hand painted and designed with the aim of providing children with great support for games and imagination. Accuracy of the postures, respect for the morphology, faithful reproduction of the main characteristics of the animal, nothing is left to chance.

Out of the water, the beaver stands on its hind legs, which are large and broad, equipped with powerful claws but also with webbing for swimming quickly. Its small front paws, also clawed, have very nimble fingers for digging. On the lookout, it leans on its paddle, a large flattened tail that serves as a fin, rudder and pendulum in the water. An excellent swimmer, he is always ready to dive.

Product dimensions: 6.15 x 3.7 x 5.2 cm

The beaver, a pretty figurine on the theme of wild animals, carefully painted by hand and modeled very realistically. Papo figurines will quickly become the basis of a collection to be gradually enriched for the awakening and discovery of your child.

CAUTION! This item is not suitable for children under 3 years, the presence of small parts which can be ingested. If swallowed, these parts can cause serious infections and death, immediately consult a doctor.
  • Materials : Plastic
  • Size : Dimensions du produit : 6,15 x 3,7 x 5,2 cm
  • Number of components : 1
  • Age group: De 3 à 8 ans
  • Brand : Papo
  • Manufacturer reference : 50110
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